Vizcaya Wedding


Wedding at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens Miami, Florida.

Jerard proposed three years ago and they quickly decided to get married in Miami, Florida. Vizcaya is a magical place and when the couples approached us we were very exciter to offer our wedding DJ services.

A champagne and blush color scheme lent a formal air to the clear tented wedding reception and fabric draping with amber uplighting decor provided by Deco DJs added to the romantic ambiance. The reception had two different areas, inside the garden was draped off for the formal dinner. Guests gradually moved from the dinner area, to the beautiful outdoors of Vizcaya, where our music energized the dance floor as the evening progressed!

Bride and Groom's Review:

"There are 2 things that really make a wedding - the music and the food. Thanks to Deco DJs, our wedding was a hit! The dance floor was packed the entire night, and they even worked in the traditional Italian music for my stepmom's side of the family! The music flowed and everyone partied the entire time. What a killer wedding. Even during dinner one couple felt the need to run up to the middle of the floor and dance - we had such a great time! Thank you so much Gabriel - we wouldn't hesitate to hire you again!"

Services Provided: Wedding Ceremony | Cocktail Hour | Reception